MARCH 2018

Happy March Birthdays!

Bill’s After Rehearsal Note!
Good rehearsal today, Meglio and You and The Nite are coming together,
they will be ready for the Reilly Show, no doubt in my mind.

Ist 2nd and 3rd Bari’s, go to the music on the website and look at the
Contra part Treble Clef in Measure 30, 8th note run and please learn it
to play as a full section up an octave or where ever its comfortable to
strengthen that ending in Meglio.
Any ????? you can call me. 301 728 2083.


Happy February Birthdays!

A Note from Bill:
Thanks for another productive rehearsal. Hope I didn’t hurt any feelings, I get so engrossed in working with you all that when something goes wrong and I stop and yell, sorry about that.
Great job on working on the 2 new numbers, they are starting to come around and will be performance ready, in a couple more rehearsals.
“practice practice practice”
See you all next month.


Reviving an Old Tradition here at our monthly practices. Happy January Birthdays!

A note from Bill:
Thank you all for a very productive rehearsal today. Please please work
on the parts so we can clean both songs in Feb, and tell your fellow
section players that were not here today about the minor change we made
in Meglio.
See you all next month