APRIL 2019



While it is still fresh in my mind, today’s rehearsal was better than I could have hoped for. So please remember the changes, below is the lineup.

Washington Post, then 32 count drum solo into Meglio Stasera
Drum Rhythm starts Artie brings the horns up slow at his discretion in 6 counts 
"You And The Nite" short version that ends on measure 32
Soft drum buzz role, brass conducted low and soft G with Erica solo
Slow conducted Laura opening "What's New" at about 96 BPM no drums
Increase tempo change on Jacks solo to 110 BPM drums come in on the 1st beat of Laura.
Crazy Army drum solo, horns up on the back sticking, America.
Encore roll off Emblem.
You have to watch Artie, there is no more amateur verbal counts to bring the horns in, watch the down beat.
Great rehearsal today, keep it fresh in your mind, make it work in Connecticut, it did today.
If you have any questions you can call me 
301 728 2083    Bill S

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