MARCH 2019


ONLY one of our six March Babies was around for the cake!


Very good rehearsal today, Washington Post with the drum line sounding very good, but to coin a phrase "It's Almost There" one more rehearsal and it will be there, so please memorize those parts. We added a slight change in the last 2 measures in Meglio and we shortened You and the Nite.
The last couple of times through the show with the drums was the 1st time since Plymouth and it sparked the horn line, the corps sounded really good today.
I handed out the parts for In The Still of the Nite its the newer version from before, it's marked in the upper RH corner Gary Dickelman January 14, 2011, this should be easy, hear it on you tube link below at about 6:36 min.

Thanks for a good productive rehearsal,

Bill S
Don't forget about Knights In White Satin

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