Happy October Birthdays!


Bills After Rehearsal Note:

What a great rehearsal we had today, you should all be proud of
yourselves for all that you have accomplished as a corps this year.

Looking back over the last 10 months, 3 Sunday rehearsals, 2 shows 1
party in Wildwood 4 more Sunday rehearsals counting today, changes made
to Mutiny, 3 new songs, a total lineup change, the wheel put back in and
WOW did you sound good today, even with Joe and myself having a
discussion like we do on the phone at least 2 or 3 times a week, but
that’s what puts it all together and makes it work.

Artie, great job on conducting and learning it all at the same time,
Brownie, Brandon, Brian and Erica nice solo work.

Please remember all that we worked on so next month all we have to do is
polish the show and kick ass the following week in Plymouth.

Great job guys and gals see you all next month, remember the lineup.
Mutiny drum solo Meglio drum solo You and the Night drum Stick Crazy
Rhythm drum solo Laura drum solo America Emblem if needed as an encore…


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