Very good and productive rehearsal today, Nites is sounding really good as is everything else. You have two weeks to be ready to play the show without the music in front of you, please remember all we worked on and do a great show in Plymouth.
Order of music for the show.
Gong drum solo 20 counts into Knights in White Satin.  Roll Off Wash Post, Drum Solo Meglio 16 count drum fill  You and the Nite, Drum Solo Laura, Crazy Army Solo America. Encore??? Emblem
Thanks for the pleasure to be able to work with you all, Kickass in Plymouth.
Bill S


Bills Words of Wisdom
I was really pleased with today's rehearsal, we got a lot done with Nites, fixed a lot of the little things that now make it sound like a good piece of music, and putting it together with the drumline "GOOD JOB GUYS" brings it to life.
Turn out was a little light in the Bari section but those who were there rocked and that includes the Mello's and the Soprano's. All around it was a great day with a very nice birthday cake. Thank you.
See you all next month, let's have a full corps turn out.

Bill S






Rehearsal today, we got a lot done, and wasn't it great to see Ef back in the horn line and Joe back in the drumline.

The order of songs in the show will be decided by the next rehearsal, any questions you can always call me.

See you next month,  good job today.

Bill S.






Bill's Words of Wisdom - It's A "No Brainer"!
Good job at rehearsal today, we got a lot done on Nites, but most of all the change at the end of You and the Nite sounds so much better, those 3 notes are played as 2 half notes take a breath and play the 3rd note on the downbeat of the next measure, watch the Drum Major.

The new short ending on America is a no brainier, practice your parts, just sing them to yourself if you can't play the horn at home, you would be surprised how easy it will become to not to have to rely on sheet music.

Brass sounded really good today, especially when you all got warmed with the drums. Kickass Saturday and I will see you all next month.

Bill S

APRIL 2019



While it is still fresh in my mind, today’s rehearsal was better than I could have hoped for. So please remember the changes, below is the lineup.

Washington Post, then 32 count drum solo into Meglio Stasera
Drum Rhythm starts Artie brings the horns up slow at his discretion in 6 counts 
"You And The Nite" short version that ends on measure 32
Soft drum buzz role, brass conducted low and soft G with Erica solo
Slow conducted Laura opening "What's New" at about 96 BPM no drums
Increase tempo change on Jacks solo to 110 BPM drums come in on the 1st beat of Laura.
Crazy Army drum solo, horns up on the back sticking, America.
Encore roll off Emblem.
You have to watch Artie, there is no more amateur verbal counts to bring the horns in, watch the down beat.
Great rehearsal today, keep it fresh in your mind, make it work in Connecticut, it did today.
If you have any questions you can call me 
301 728 2083    Bill S

MARCH 2019


ONLY one of our six March Babies was around for the cake!


Very good rehearsal today, Washington Post with the drum line sounding very good, but to coin a phrase "It's Almost There" one more rehearsal and it will be there, so please memorize those parts. We added a slight change in the last 2 measures in Meglio and we shortened You and the Nite.
The last couple of times through the show with the drums was the 1st time since Plymouth and it sparked the horn line, the corps sounded really good today.
I handed out the parts for In The Still of the Nite its the newer version from before, it's marked in the upper RH corner Gary Dickelman January 14, 2011, this should be easy, hear it on you tube link below at about 6:36 min.

Thanks for a good productive rehearsal,

Bill S
Don't forget about Knights In White Satin


Happy FEBRUARY Birthdays!



Very good rehearsal, Washington Post could be played at our next show if you
memorize those parts. Knights is going to take a little longer but has
a great sound, thank you, Bill Pusey, for the arrangement and the time spent
with us.

It was so good to be back in front of this horn line after two months,
you guys did your homework and Bill Moore got a lot done in January
rehearsal and kudos to him for a great arrangement of Washington Post,
it is really sounding good.

Looking forward to next month.



Happy November & December Birthdays!       

Bills After Rehearsal Note:
Good rehearsal today, nice to see Bill Pusey in the Sop line, man can he play.

Please try to memorize your parts between now and Saturday.
Go to the GK web page and go to the Blog at the end of my email for Sept 2018, there is a link to Crazy Rhythm when the corps originally played it at 6:37 on the YouTube video with the same timing as we are playing it now up to the solo if this helps some of you to get the feel for the timing.
Have a great show in Plymouth and a wonderful Thanksgiving the following week.
See you all at the next rehearsal.