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  1. So Today was our last practice before our mostly annual trip to Plymouth for the Hometown Parade and concert.
    It’s the end of the season spectacular.
    Our practice today was great and we hope for an even better show.

    A note from our Assistant Brass Instructor Extraordinaire:

    “Thank you all for a very productive rehearsal today. Did I count 46
    brass, wow what a sound.
    Please remember what we worked on and give them hell in Plymouth
    A real pleasure working with you all.

    1. I love to watch all of the corp videos. . I went to Blessed Sacrament school and joined the Squires. At that time Jim Day was our horn instructor. I then was moved up tothe golden Knights in 1963 I played with them till 1965. I played French horn with Bobbie Payne Richie Sacvola Guy Earl Ollie what a great time it was for me. I always hum all the songs we played. At that time no Girls (Ladies) I remember the song we sang for the bus driver when we left for a contest. I wii never forget how proud I was wearing the uniform. Charlie Solimine ( Salamander)

      1. Hi,
        Great Memories…
        We will be in Wildwood for Elks Convention this coming weekend.
        Many of the guys from your era will be there.
        I’ll add you to our bsgkalums email list.

  2. Please let me know exactly what the date was when Bobby Thompson passed. Thanks.

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